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  • Susan Pruskin
    I love how easy Liscio is to use. My oldest (age) and least tech-savvy client wholly embraced it immediately. Thank you!
    Susan Pruskin
    Owner, Susan Pruskin Consulting
  • Nancy D’Amato
    Liscio solves the texting issue - no more W4's that are crooked.. no more "where did client put that info?", no more W4's sent by email. It's all in 1 place and clients can EASILY retrieve their documents. There is no "lose" only WIN-WIN-WIN!!!
    Nancy D’Amato
    Owner, The Bottom Line
  • Charissa Samco
    My 89 year old grandma uses Liscio! #soeasy
    Charissa Samco
    Practice Advancement Coach, Above LLC
  • Dawn Brolin
    Liscio allows me to coach softball during tax season without losing a step in my practice. I got my life back!!
    Dawn Brolin
    CPA / CFE, Powerful Accounting
  • Michael Mette
    Liscio helps me and the team keep our heads on straight during TAX SEASON! Without Liscio a growing business cannot grow fast. Liscio is a LIFE SAVER and a DEAL MAKER!! Thank you Liscio!
    Michael Mette
    Registered Tax Return Preparer, Your Tax Place
  • Janice Barsalou
    LOVE LOVE Liscio! It has been a lifesaver to get all my client documents on a regular basis. Time saver for sure!
    Janice Barsalou
    Owner/Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor, Just Right Bookkeeping & Consulting Service
  • Rachel Fisch
    Our team knows there is a better way to request docs, than email!
    Rachel Fisch
    Global Growth Leader, Accounting + Technology Industry Expert, Highrock Accounting
  • Jesse Buhl
    Liscio is a life saver. Getting client documents has never been this easy! Liscio is a must-have!
    Jesse Buhl
    Owner/ Business Accountant and Consultant, Medcity Consulting
  • Laura Osorio
    I joined Liscio in 2019. All my clients LOVE IT!! I am no longer worried about data security. Love Liscio!
    Laura Osorio
    Founder/ CEO, Modern Accountants Inc.
  • Taylor Lungren
    Liscio has changed how we communicate with clients, but also how we communicate with our TEAM!
    Taylor Lungren
    Chief Accountant Rockstar, Accounting Therapy, Inc.
  • Leslie Liondas
    Liscio was an amazing addition to our tech stack. It has helped my client email to stay zero! All clients are on Liscio! Love all the enhancments every year! Support is amazing!
    Leslie Liondas
    Founder, Leslie Liondas CPA PLLC
  • Britany Bird
    Liscio helps our trade businesses to get their receipts from their employees. Making our jobs easier as well as theirs!
    Britany Bird
    Bookkeepers, Bird's Eye Bookkeeping
  • Leah Ilanah
    I started with Liscio in 2019, and it is the most rewarding vendor relationship I ever had. Awesome people, excellent software... Looking forward to more (Heart)!
    Leah Ilanah
    President, Leah Ilanah Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax Services
  • Lynda Artesani
    Client Experience is our #1 concern at our firm. We (heart) Liscio for SECURE client communication and file exchange.
    Lynda Artesani
    Law Firm Accountant, Artesani Accouting Services
  • Cindy Kling
    Liscio has been a great tool for tracking communication, and outstanding items and files. We love it!
    Cindy Kling
    CPA, Portnoy CPA
  • Geni Whitehouse
    Liscio frees me to deliver advisory services!
    Geni Whitehouse
    Founder, The Impactful Advisor
  • Jacki McGuire
    I was so overjoyed at the Liscio onboarding experience. And my clients really enjoy the secure document transfer process. A Liscio user since 2020.
    Jacki McGuire
    Owner, CPA, McGuire and Associates
  • Hal Rosen
    SECURITY! We protect clients' data by using Liscio. No more receiving docs via email!
    Hal Rosen
    Partner/ CPA, Hainey and Co
  • Alexis Sadler
    Liscio has taken my bookkeeping firm to a whole new level! Accounting Therapy (hearts) Liscio!
    Alexis Sadler
    VP Operations/ Quickbooks Consultant, Accounting Therapy, Inc.
  • Delayne Jones
    Love having the security and one app to communicate to our clients! Great support! Love you Liscio!!
    Delayne Jones
    Accounting Manager, Haynie & Company
  • Deborah Larson
    I love Liscio! All in one place, secure, mobile access - PERFECT!!
    Deborah Larson
    Owner, Dreamcatcher Bookkeeping Services
  • Angel Przybylowicz
    Liscio has been a life saver! So easy to exchange client info with the utmost confidence. Thanks!
    Angel Przybylowicz
    Owner/ Accounting Professional, AP Keeping LLC
  • Emma Bunch
    We love the easy navigation and the way we are able to reach out to our Partners. Love this app because it makes my job much easier and our Partners love to ask us about adding it!
    Emma Bunch
    Partner Support, CBG
  • Charlotte Baker
    Essential Bookkeeping Solutions LOVES Liscio. We love it and our clients love it. It does ALL of the things!!!
    Charlotte Baker
    Business Manager, Essential Bookkeeping Solutions
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