Replace email and the old way of doing things.

Liscio makes communication and collaboration more secure and transparent.

Secure Messaging

Small and mid-sized accounting firms are prime targets for phishing schemes and email scammers, because they contain a wealth of sensitive personal and financial data but lack the enterprise-level security resources required to keep it safe. Liscio creates a safe space for you and your clients to communicate.

  • More than 90% of data breaches reported by accountants were the result of spear-phishing emails. The IRS expects a 60% increase in data breaches this year.
  • Liscio dramatically reduces your firm’s exposure by replacing email altogether with an invite-only messaging platform.
  • Liscio uses the same encryption standard as the US government and encrypts data at the database level using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
  • Unlike most practice management systems, Liscio encrypts data both at rest and in transit.

Secure File Sharing & Storage

With email spear-phishing attacks becoming more common (the IRS expects a 60% increase in data breaches in 2018), replacing email with a secure network for file exchange is a top priority. Using Liscio as a client portal allows documents to be sent back and forth instantly and securely.

  • Clients are alerted both by email and mobile push notification when they received a document/message from the firm.
  • Unlike traditional portals, Liscio allows clients to keep ownership of their documents, with anytime access that includes a Mobile App.
  • Documents are stored inside of Liscio indefinitely, so you can always go back and browse completed tasks and associated documents.
  • Download any document from Liscio and store in your document management solution, or print it out to provide clients with a hard copy record.
  • Through the Mobile App, clients can either send documents to the firm from electronic storage (iCloud, Google Drive, etc.) or simply snap a picture. The Mobile App will auto convert the pic to PDF, then allow you to add a message or additional files before sending.

FirmView Centralized Communication

Liscio gives your entire firm instant access to all essential client information — including pending and completed requests and correspondence updates — to ensure nothing ever gets lost in the shuffle. Liscio removes communication bottlenecks  and ensures the free flow of information throughout your firm.

  • Information previously siloed inside individual email accounts can now be accessed by anyone in the firm, ensuring uninterrupted service and seamless coverage for staff members out sick, on vacation, or out of the office.
  • Status of every client request, whether outstanding or completed, is viewable anytime and includes date of most recent contact and name of staff member who engaged.
  • Attaching date stamp and staff member to every client interaction establishes clear accountability and ownership, giving management full visibility and quality control.
  • Tasks are automatically tracked and sorted by Liscio, reducing the amount of time spent organizing.
  • By unifying client communications, document exchange/storage, digital signatures, onboarding, Mobile App, and CRM into one platform, Liscio gives you a single dashboard with a clear, panoramic view of your firm’s day-to-day business.

Firm-to-One Service

We’re all customers too, and we all hate bad service. Nothing is worse than being handed off to someone else and having to describe your issue for the second or third time. And there’s nothing more disappointing than being a loyal, longtime customer who gets treated like a stranger. Liscio ensures you never have to worry about these customer experience nightmares.

  • With Liscio FirmView, anyone on your staff can step in and pick up right where the last conversation left off — ensuring uninterrupted service even when the client’s primary contact is busy or out of office.
  • Deep, multi-layered client profile pages make sure everyone on your staff knows exactly who they’re talking to, especially when contacting loyal, longtime customers.
  • Notes allow you to add insightful details to client profiles, so anyone assisting or covering can quickly get up to speed on major events or milestone dates that are important in your client’s professional and personal life.
  • Liscio builds accountability into your firm by showing, on every task, who engaged the client and when.
  • To-Dos make it easy for anyone in your firm to see requests and tasks that need attention so your clients never have to ask twice.

Mobile App

The Liscio Mobile App puts your firm in your clients’ hands whenever they need you — anywhere, anytime.

  • Clients automatically get both an email and a push notification every time you send them a task/document/message.
  • Clients can instantly access all tasks and documents, both in progress and archived, on their phones.
  • Clients can create any task — request a meeting, send a message, send a document, make a payroll change — within the Mobile App.
  • Clients can securely message the firm through the Mobile App. No need to share personal phone numbers; Liscio includes messaging with mobile notifications, and a call option.
  • Clients can see who inside the firm has been assigned to their account and who sent them documents or tasks, with the option to message or call from inside the Mobile App.